Gaining New Skills While Quarantining

Updated: May 4

We've all been going crazy with our new reality.

Creating Relevant Content

While majority of us have been going crazy when it comes to this new COVID-19 virus, a lot of others are finding time to be more productive. A friend of mine posted on her IG story some helpful networking tips using the platform Linkedln. Then it clicked to me that while I spend hours on all my social media platforms, I rarely dedicate my time to growing my professional network. I immediately thought about creative ways to make my LinkedIn channel stand out against the masses.

I created a new Linkedin Template and Banner Theme

This theme allowed me to have a cohesive resume and LinkedIn page to match. I posted the update on my Instagram by DM's were flooding with questions about my resume template and creating my header. I customized a few headers for my friends and everyone loved it.

The world is definitely going through a strange time but use this time wisely to discover some hidden talents. You never know where they will take you!

If you would like to inquire about a custom LinkedIn banner, please send me a detailed email .





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