The Hidden Secrets of Being an Entrepreneur... pt 1

Updated: May 4

Why can't I seem to make money off my businesses?

I have contemplated continuing my brand for months now. I always heard people say that being an entrepreneur isn't easy but it soon became my reality. For months I felt ALONE, BROKE, BORED, LAZY and realized that my 9-5 job actually motivated me in ways that I couldn't see.

Instagram is a LIE!

I saw so many positive stories on social media about running your own business that the real vision was never clear. Many people failed to document their downfalls and only gloated about how successful they are now. The truth was that nothing happened over night and it took many people years to even make a dollar. YES, I said a DOLLAR.

Maybe entrepreneurship isn't for me...

Scared Money Don't Make Money

One of the biggest things I struggled with was investing in myself. I have multiple businesses and always hesitated when it came to paying for things up front. I always wanted to see the end result before it even happened. After taking a few losses in 2019, I realized that it was OKAY to invest in yourself and if you don't see money flowing right away, it's also OKAY.


I will keep a coin or two in my savings .

A friend of mine told me that she always keeps $10 cash in her purse. While, I don't necessary always have $10 cash, I do think it's smart to have a good money system that works for you. I've saved so much money simply by transferring a fixed amount of money weekly into my savings account. Be smart with your money and make sure to save SOMETHING because it will pay when you are ready to invest in your business and become an entrepreneur.

I also suggest getting a financial advisor or mentor to help you plan. I did not do this myself but I am here to tell you to be better than me. :)

Check out part 2 for an continuation of hidden gems.





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